Today we want to look at how to actually get your hands on the Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky”.
These will be definitely a hard pair to get, so there will be a lot of Ls. But it’s very much worth to try!

Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky” dropping at your local skate shop on May 23rd & via Nike SNKRS on May 29th.

Your best chance is to look at local raffles & shops that sell Nike SB stuff. You can look it up on

The skate shops have probably already announced which type of release they are doing via social media (mostly raffles in this case).
If not, you can also call the shops and ask to get all the info.

Your local skate shop is maybe hosting a raffle!

If it happens that the skate shop near you is hosting a raffle, be sure to take anyone you know with you, because they will be very hard to get, and every place in a raffle counts!

But what to do about the online raffles? They are limited to one person only, so what can you do to maximize your chance?
Easy: You have to use different informations for each entry
Be sure to have the basic data ready, which is:
-Phone Number
-Credit Card

Use as many accounts as possible!

Ok, we got the basics now for raffles – which chances do you still get?
How do people actually get releases with so much hype, that are almost impossible to grab?

There are many ways:
-Drop Day Releases
-Shock Drops
But what are those things and how can you know everything so you can cop?

Are you hyped?

Easy, and I’m speaking from my personal experience: Joining a cook group saves you a lot of headache – and I mean that! There is no way that you can know everything about this drop that you want so bad.
But a cook group offers you a lot of premium tools and guidance in getting the things you want. R3STOCKED is such a group – I actually learned how to cop every release manually, but I could also use bots if I wanted, because I’ve learned it in such a short time.
If there is a restock, you know it instantly. A shock drop just happened? No big deal. You are already informed because your group got you covered!
There are a lot of things that make it harder to cop. Nike changed the release for the “Chunky Dunkys” from LEO to a draw where you will have 10 minutes to enter for a chance to get them.

A cook group maximizes you chances, because you are provided with a premium service.

So we mentioned changing up your info for raffles earlier – that’s exactly what you also want to do on the Nike SNKRS app. Your dad, your mom, your uncle, your neighbour or whoever you want can register to create multiple entries.

Of course bots are also a strong method, so be sure to check out @r3ntalheaven on Instagram!

Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky”

Retail: $100

Resale: $800 – $1,000+

Date: May 23rd (skate shops) & May 26th (Nike SNKRS)

Style Code: CU3244-100

A lot of us will take Ls on these – they are extremely limited. We are looking at a resell value of about $1,000, with a retail price of $100. That is some massive profit right there. So be sure to get prepared – we wish you good luck!

Here you can watch the YouTube video connected to this blog entry.