Today we wanted to look at some resell predictions for some upcoming sneakers, so let’s jump straight into it!

Let’s start with a big one! Also covered in previous videos – one of the most anticipated drops this year up to this point – On May the 26th: The Ben and Jerry’s Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky” are dropping, retailing for $100.
If you want to know how to cop these, you should check out our last blog post or YouTube video!
This is one of the most profitable drops so far, with the resell value expected to be at around one thousand dollars.

One of the most anticipated drops this year: Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky”

Next we want to look at an interesting pair dropping on May the 27th. The Nike Air Force One “Reveal/Tear Away” in women’s sizing. These feature an all white upper that you can tear away to reveal the colorful layers beneath.
These are currently listed for around $150 on StockX, so we do not expect them to turn out profitable – the only hope lies in the larger sizes. So you can eventually get some lunch profit money outta those.

You can “tear away” the upper layers to reveal a colorful combination underneath.

Another good pair on the otherhand will be the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max React 270 “Cactus Trails”. This is a collab between Nike and Travis, so of course these will turn out profitable. The resell value is expected to be around $500 to $600.
If you’re asking yourself if you should hold or quick flip them, let’s take a look at the Cactus Jack Air Jordan 6, as the Air Max are expected to have a similar value.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 | Source: StockX

As you can see profit for the Jordan 6 was very high and had a massive drop since the release.
Now they are kind of getting back up there, but it will definitely take some time – so coming back to the question if you should hold or sell the “Cactus Trails” Air Max 270 React: In our opinion a quick flip will turn out to be more profitable.
If you want to hold them, be sure that it is gonna be a long hold.

Best thing to do: Quick flip & get your money!

The last sneaker we are going to talk about is a hyped pair with a clean silhouette that has definitely some demand! On May the 30th – The Air Jordan 13 “Flint” is dropping for 190 US dollars. Now looking at the resell value, we don’t expect them to go up right off the bat.
If you managed to cop some on shock drop or if you manage to cop them before they sell out – right now, you could expect lunch money profit – we are speaking of maybe 20, 30 dollars in profit.

BUT if you do hold them for a longer time, speaking about up to a year or more, we can see them getting up there in the $300 range. These will not be so hard to get – even the shock drop wasn’t a big problem. The app crashed, but all you had to do is switch to desktop to secure them, of course all was possible with the info that R3STOCKED provided.

Here you can watch the YouTube video connected to this blog entry.