Today we are looking at the Air Jordan 1 “Royal Toe” today, so let’s jump straight into it.

The Air Jordan 1 “Royal Toe” dropped on May 9th.

The Air Jordan 1 “Royal Toe” dropped this Saturday, May 9th for $170 in Men Sizes and $130 for grade school sizes.

Lets’s look at the best sites where they were copped, so we maybe learn something for the future.

Did you get to cop them?

A good shot for european users: Foot Locker dropped them at 3:00 A.M. (ET), so 9:00 A.M. local time. The best thing here is to use multiple chrome users, but keep in mind that Foot Locker has a strict policy, which may result in a ban.
You always gotta keep that Autofill ready!

Let’s also look at Nike SNKRS, probably where most of you guys were waiting. The drop on SNKRS was scheduled for 10:00 A.M. eastern time. This was a LEO-drop (which stands for Let Everyone Order). You can look at it as a mini-raffle, you have a couple of minutes to submit your purchase on your Nike accounts to maximize your chances.

Also very good sites for manual users are Finish Line & JD Sports. Although there are heavy bot users on those sites, it is more than possible to actually get them there. You can also use multiple chrome users, but keep in mind that these sites are also very sensitive and like to IP ban users.
So you should esentially really focus on Foot sites such as Foot locker, East Bay and so on – to get the best chance as a manual user in the future.

The Air Jordan 1 “Royal Toe” dropped in Men’s & Grade School sizes. The stock was very decent, so everyone had a good chance.

ALSO what you can do is leave the Snipes website open. Snipes recently had decent stock on the past drops. You get lined into a queue there, so you can basically let it open and check on your queue progress, while you are looking at the other sites!

Now let’s move over to the resell prediction:

Source: StockX

The asking prices were around $250 up to around $300, while the bids are kind of in the $220-$230 area. These numbers are already telling us how it is gonna look like, as they are already dropping after the release of course. There isn’t a huge profit to be made on these sadly.
The demand is definitely high for these, but so is also stock – leaving us with a resell estimate at around $220-$270. The best sizes to go for are as usual US 7-9. These may potentially rise in value after holding them for a longer period.

We hope that you had luck in getting these and wish you more luck in future if not!

Air Jordan 1 “Royal Toe”

Retail: $170 (Men’s) & $130 (GS)

Resale: $220-$270
Date: May 9th

Style Code: 555088-041
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